Whimsy is Family

Whimsy is inspired by our Aunt Vicki’s chocolatey treats, and made possible by the collaborative effort of loved ones and friends. Our local business has grown since 2012 to include a streamlined production team and professional equipment that enhances efficiency without sacrificing quality or uniqueness.


Whimsy is Community

Based in Battle Ground, WA, a small town north of Portland, OR, Whimsy Chocolates was introduced and welcomed at local festivals and bazaars. We quickly expanded and began distributing within the Portland metro area. Along the way, we have donated much of our product to local non-profits and charitable efforts. We support our fellow small businesses and forge partnerships with up-and-coming artisans. We believe our success comes from the foundation of strong, enduring relationships—especially with our customers.


Meet the Founders


Pamela Wanous

Our jubilant visionary behind Whimsy Chocolates.  After her daughter Jaden was born, Pamela Wanous was inspired to create a family legacy that could be passed down from generation to generation. Harkening back to her Aunt Vicki’s exquisite homemade chocolates, she fostered a whimsical notion that grew into an exciting adventure and co-founded Whimsy Chocolates. Pam’s outgoing warmth for people, her passion for community, and her inventive artisan flavors have made Whimsy far more than a business venture. Pamela’s dream of a family legacy is already taking form with her little one, Jaden, learning to harness the artistic craft that is Whimsy. 


Ann Wanous

Our poised coordinator behind Whimsy Chocolates.  Pamela’s mother-in-law and fellow chocolatier Ann Wanous has been with Whimsy Chocolates every step of the way.  As co-founder, Ann excels in behind-the-scenes logistics, encouraging our great team and collaborating on our one-of-a-kind flavors that dance on the palate.  Ann is dedicated to the success of Whimsy Chocolates and her passion for systematizing has led to our continued growth.  Ann is a happily married mother and grandmother whose love of family can be tasted in every Whimsy bite.