Whimsy’s GiveBack Program


If you like knowing the people behind the food you love, then we have a lot in common. We believe great chocolate is about more than just great taste. It’s about producing sustainable cocoa that helps everyone involved. That is why Whimsy Chocolates is committed to finding ways to give back to the farmers and communities that work to grow, harvest, ferment, and dry cocoa. We should all prosper together!



  • Our overall commitment: a portion of all chocolate sales are given to the Cocoa Horizons Foundation to help with their sustainable cocoa efforts 

  • Special Project: from now until the end of January 2020 we will donate 1 cocoa seedling to Cocoa Horizons farmers for every 2 boxes of Meltaways sold

We are excited to partner with Cocoa Horizons on their mission to improve the livelihoods of cocoa farmers and their communities through the promotion of sustainable, entrepreneurial farming, improved productivity, and community development that protect nature and children



Get to know Cocoa Horizons


Cocoa Horizons is working in farming communities to help lift thousands of farmers out of poverty, making cocoa farming a more profitable and desirable business for generations to come


Conducting Farmer Field Schools sessions throughout the year to train cocoa farmers on Good Agriculture Practices as well as functional literacy, numeracy, and business skills


Cocoa Horizons works together with other nonprofit organizations to help protect children in cocoa farming communities by surveying farmers and community members in high-risk areas, monitoring for instances of child labor and remediating any cases found


With their productive initiatives to help lift farmers out of poverty, they are proactively addressing the primary cause of child labor and deforestation


Cocoa Horizons invests in unlocking opportunities for women in the farming communities, providing training programs that teach women everything from literacy and financial management to good agricultural practices


“I hope to set an example for other women in my village so that they can see that there’s a way for them to have financial independence and to be strong and proud. When I train other women, and I see the effect it has on them and their confidence and independence, it fills me with pride. Every woman should have the opportunity to feel that way.” -Yvonne Amenan Konan Farmer/Farmer Trainer, Cote d’Ivoire


Cocoa Horizons helps to strengthen cocoa farming communities by focusing on community development to increase access to safe drinking water, education, basic sanitation and child protection


The Cocoa Horizons Foundation is committed to a deforestation-free, carbon positive cocoa supply chain


Cocoa Horizons focuses on activities and farmer training that help increase carbon sequestration, reduce carbon emissions, and ensure deforestation free sourcing


Get to know your Chocolate


When you are eating or drinking chocolate, it is easy to forget that the cocoa you are actually consuming is a plant


It takes between 2 and 4 years for a tree to mature and start bearing fruit


It takes 6 months for a pod to be ready for harvest


There are 40-50 beans per pod


Once the cocoa beans have been harvested and the pods emptied by hand, it takes about 7 days to ferment


It takes approximately another 7 days for the beans to dry in the sunshine


The cocoa beans are now ready to be sold